Sunday, November 29, 2009

OOPS! I guess I forgot to blog.

Ok, it's been a while. And I'm sure all you faithful Sanderson blog followers (all two of you) have had to go through some serious withdrawls. So sorry. But, we have been busy! A quick rundown of the fun things we've been doing....
1. Starting school (Spencer, 3rd grade -- Joshua, kindergarten -- and Allie in her 2nd year of pre-school)

2. Gregg and I went to the Dominican Republic in October for 10 days to celebrate our 10th anniversary and had THE BEST time!

3. Fall baseball and BMX bike racing.

4. Gregg had surgery the end of October and I had surgery a week later (we've both been a little out of it).

5. Piano, scouts, work, school, etc...

6. We had the funnest Halloween party EVER!

7. Thanksgiving here at our house.

8. Both Joshua and Spencer's birthday parites
9.Allie's date night with Gregg to Disney Princess on Ice.
10. And now.... visiting Santa, and planning our Christmas vacation. We are taking the kids on a Disney cruise for Christmas. Let's just say, the kids are excited!

Hope you are all well and finally able to get you Sanderson fill!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sadly, all good things must come to an end

Well, that time of year when we stay up till 11pm and sleep in late and listen to crickets and swim and take tennis and BMX bike lessons and play with our friends all day and go boating and go to Scout camp and have visitors and go to the beach and have water parties and go to movies and camp and go to Cowabunga Bay and Boondocks and bowling and eat nothing but BBQ and have no homework must come to an end. We've had such a fun summer doing all this and more. Allie started school last week, Spencer starts on Wed. and Josh goes the following week for the big kindergaten. As much as I love summer, I must admit, I'm ready for bedtimes, schedules, and a little "sibling seperation". All this togetherness can drive them (and me) to the brink of...... you know. So, until next year..... happy summer to all!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last day of school

Allie and Josh are officially done for the summer. They both LOVED going to pre-school and had great teachers and great friends. Here we go summer.....

Oh Josh!!

Josh is a graduate! That's right.... from pre-school. They had an adorable program and Josh kept the entire audience entertained (his parents were just acting like they didn't know who's kid that was). So let's play a little game.... you look at the pictures and then vote for what you think Joshua's "senior personality" will be.

a. Most likey to succeed
b. biggest introvert
c. Most athletic
This one's a toughy!

Friday, June 19, 2009

More pictures...

We've been busy!

I seem to be getting worse at this whole blogging thing. But for those of you that just can't live without a Sanderson update, you're in luck. I'm back (for how long, no one knows).

Yes, we've been busy. We just got back from a week in Lake Powell with Gregg's family. FINALLY... a tan! We had a great time but forgot our camera. I will get pics up when I steal some from my sister in law.

Baseball season is over and it ended with some tears. Our team went to the championship game and lost by one run. They were such a "Cinderella Story". The other team was undefeated and a bit cocky (to say it nicely). They expected to come and wipe the floor with us. We gave them a serious game. There was real ball played on that field. When it was over, a few of the boys (yep, Spencer too) were crying. Not one was crying over the loss. They were crying because they knew this was the last time they would play as a team. They are all old enough to go to the draft next year. It has been a GREAT 3 years with this team.

Memorial Day was great! We had my brother and his wife and my mom in town. My mom is amazing!!! Spencer has a "beach room" and wanted some palm trees and a sun painted on his wall. So, mom was hard at work all day. It looks fantastic.

We decided Allie was finally old enough to go into a big girl bed. Ok, maybe we are about a year and a half late with this, but she's the third and I've gotten lazy. So, she is very proud of her cute room (another room my mom painted with fairys for her when she was a baby).

Gregg competed in a mountain bike race with some of his hard-core biking buddies. He placed FIFTH! To say the least, we were proud!

We are getting ready to say goodbye to another school year. That's right, we aren't done yet because of the year round schedule here. So, summer is just on the horizon and we are SOOOO excited! Next up, Uncle Brians wedding in St. George.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He may just be the next Motzart. Then again, maybe I'm just his mom!

Spencer has been hard at work for the past year with piano lessons. He has gotten so good and actually really enjoys it. We never really have to fight about practicing or going to lessons. He was the one that begged us for a year to start taking lessons. Now he seems to really enjoy it. He had his first recital last night. He was SO nervous before the recital. I told him to sit down and practice the song a couple times. He COULD NOT remember it or play it right. Well, like a pro, he pulled it out at the recital (must admit, we were a bit nervous). He did it perfectly! Gregg and I asked him if he was even nervous when he got up there because he didn't look it at all. He said, "I was a little nervous sitting there waiting for my turn. But then I got up there and thought.... well, I'm here. I guess I'll just play the piece". He's such a stud!